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The story of Persephone and Hades and their beautiful marriage, distant and old, wrapped up in centuries of misconceptions and lies, finally retold as it really was. Without Demeter’s lies, the Olympian’s cruel jokes, and so many other distortions, we finally see the beauty, the softness, and the tragic resolution brought on by outside forces.



David is shy to a fault, introverted, and doesn’t know how to defend himself. That’s why he keeps toiling away at his job, even if his boss is malicious.

Mick, a member of the Kinsmen, a motorcycle club for those of Nordic descent, gets a flat on his motorcycle, so he stops at a tire shop he’d never used before to get it fixed. There he meets David, who he finds attractive, and thinks about asking him out before his boss enters the garage in his normal, abusive fashion.

Taking action the only way Mick knows how, he takes David away with him. Learning what a shy man he is, Mick can’t fathom a relationship with David other than friendship. So, Mick finds him a place to stay and gives him a job.

It’s tough to be a gay man in an outlaw biker club, not to mention being a Daddy, but Mick isn’t afraid of anyone. Until he starts to fall for the shy and obedient David.

PLEASE NOTE: This books contains MM sexual situations with some light kink. Can Mick become the Daddy that David needs? These can all be listened to as stand-alones, although there are a few crossover characters.

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Ishmael thought that his life couldn’t get more chaotic while trying to survive in Leningrad with the rest of his family. When a mysterious artifact is brought to the Hermitage Museum where he works, however, he is plunged into a world of magic and secrecy, all while an impending Second World War threatens to turn his world upside down.

A twist of fate thrusts him into contact with the artifact that has his very soul threatened. A German solider named Friedrich tells him he has no choice but to leave the Soviet Union, and everything he knows behind if he wants to survive the ordeal. But Friedrich isn’t telling Ishmael the whole truth of why he was there in the first place. With their lives now spun together, Friedrich is desperately trying to keep something buried down deep inside of him, a secret that he has kept all his life – one that Ishmael has been keeping as well.


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