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by Alexander Armstead

Ishmael thought that his life couldn’t get more chaotic while trying to survive in Leningrad with the rest of his family. When a mysterious artifact is brought to the Hermitage Museum where he works, however, he is plunged into a world of magic and secrecy, all while an impending Second World War threatens to turn his world upside down.

A twist of fate thrusts him into contact with the artifact that has his very soul threatened. A German solider named Friedrich tells him he has no choice but to leave the Soviet Union, and everything he knows behind if he wants to survive the ordeal. But Friedrich isn’t telling Ishmael the whole truth of why he was there in the first place. With their lives now spun together, Friedrich is desperately trying to keep something buried down deep inside of him, a secret that he has kept all his life – one that Ishmael has been keeping as well.


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